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Your one-stop solution provider for cranes and heavy-duty equipment. Parts Supply is your leading crane expert that can assist you in any question, issue or problem concerning your crane. We have a large stock of new, used and reconditioned crane parts and we offer excellent on-site and off-site crane repair services. Our stock provides various mobile crane parts and spare crane parts at any time. Please contact our staff for availability and price quotations.

About Parts Supply

Specializing in mobile crane and crawler parts, Parts Supply Worldwide has developed itself into an experienced and widely respected company. Since we attach great importance to minimizing breakdown time and keeping part costs as low as possible, each of our customers gets our fullest attention to meet their specific needs.

Our team

The people at Parts Supply Worldwide B.V. are more than just a dealer in crane parts. We are a family business with great knowledge of cranes, crane parts and crane services. The team consist of professional and enthusiastic people that care about the company and all try their hardest to meet the company goals. Meet our colleagues and find out for yourself what drives them


Cost-efficient solutions
New, refurbished and repair
24/7 technical support
Multilingual helpdesk
Repair and installation services
On-site and off-site services worldwide
Shipment to 130 + countries
By land, sea and air