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XCMG crane parts and XCMG spare parts are on offer at Parts Supply Worldwide. XCMG is to be considered among the top manufacturers in cranes and heavy duty equipment. The acronym XCMG stands for Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group and is a state-owned company headquartered in Xuzhou (China). Parts Supply is proud to be able to supply, repair and recondition crane parts produced by this established manufacturer of construction machinery. If you have any XCMG crane-related questions or need spare parts for any of your XCMG cranes: crawler cranes, all-terrain cranes or truck cranes please contact us and we'll be happy to provide you with the right solution. Looking for parts allocation? Please contact us we are happy to help you!

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 Wechai Steyr parts  Eaton Fuller parts   Cummins parts
Hirschmann PAT parts Dong Feng parts  

Queries and quotations XCMG crane parts

Please direct your queries surrounding allocation, reconditioning, or repair of XCMG crane parts to [email protected]. We will reply as soon as possible. For an immediate response, please dial 0031- 348 – 46 85 05. Alternatively, you can use the contact form. If you can not find the right XCMG spare parts in the product catalog we will assist you. Chances are high we can allocate and offer the required parts.

Market leading positions for spare parts

The strategic goal of XCMG is to rank among the top three construction machinery companies worldwide by the end of 2015. Internationalization is a big part of this goal. Parts Supply has grown into a market leading position. We work closely together with OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer), putting forward exceptional delivery times, quality and prices. Besides supplying new and used parts, we also recondition and repair spare parts. Please browse through this website for an overview of our crane and heavy-duty equipment services.

XCMG crane parts include

Outriggers, Hydraulic controls, Couplings, Pulleys, Hydraulic Pumps, Engine Parts, Drums, Washers, Locks, Sealkits, Drives, Rotary seals, Sprockets, Roller assembly, Bushing, Chain, Axle, Brake Band, Cable, Muffler, Shaft, Lights, Air Filter, Oil Filter, Diaphragm, Rope, Gear, Check Valve, Union, Tee, Swivel, Guide, Clamp, Spring, Hose, Clutch, Seal Kit, Bearing, Transmission, Cylinder, Bushing, Boom Cylinder, Oil Radiator, Pinion, Teeth, Tension Spring, Brakeshoe, Nut, Stud, Washer, Element, Hookblock, Brake Master Cylinder, Cable Spool, Cab Heater, Selector Valve, Winch Motor, Kit, Pump, Pinion, Air Compressor, Crane Manual, Operators Manual, Slewring, Winch, Ball Joints, Steering Ram, Lock Washer, Throttle Pedal, Hook, Bolt, Relay, Arm, Sheave, Load Monitoring System, XCMG Outrigger Pads, Transducer, Gasket, Support Bearing, Spacer, Anti Two Block, Swivel Assembly, Internal Gear, Planet Carrier, Starter Motor, Torque Converter, Lockwasher, Sun Gear, Wiring Diagrams, Schematics, Counter Balance, Wire Rope, Sensor Assembly, Pintle, Column, Thrust Cap Washer, Swing Bearing, Floats, Monoblock, Glass, Screen, Displacement Pump, XCMG Double Gear Pump, Master Cylinder, Slip ring, Circlips, Hoist Selector, Brake Disc, Shoe, Lining, Joint, Roller, Relief Valve, Fly Wheel, Rivet, Gear Pump, Clutch Cylinder, Packing, Shock Absorber, Pressure Transducer, Bevel, Snap Ring, Coupling, Solenoid, Plate, Universal Joint, Telescopic Cylinder, Dust Seal, Cooler, Gearbox, Stabilizer, Repair Kit, Gear, O Ring, Book, Jib, Counter Weight, Armature Set, Piston Seals, Transmission, Wheel Cylinder, Carrier, Spider, Friction Shoe, XCMG Electrovalve, and all other types of XCMG crane parts.

XCMG cranes include

QY16B, QY16K, QY20B, QY20K, QY25B, QY25K, QY25K5, QY30K, QY50B, QY50K, QY60K, QY65K, QY70K, QY90K, QY100K, QY130K, QY160K, XCT80, XCT100, XCT1330, XCT220, RT35, RT50, RT55, RT60, RT70, RT80, RT90, RT100, RT120, RT150, RT200, QAY55, QAY130, QAY180, QAY220, QAY350 all other types of XCMG cranes

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