Is your old PDC system unexpectedly breaking down? Are you facing high maintenance costs to replace hard-to-find cards?

As a trusted WIKA Mobile Control service partner, we can help you with all your LMI sytem needs. 

We offer complete new systems, like the new qSCALE technology.

But we can also help you with older sytems. We can perform maintenance and do repairs, but we can also help you with retroftting a new system. Let's talk about that.


When there is a defect in an older PDC system the costs can quickly rise. Due to the system being old, it can be hard to find the right replacement cards.

Replace your old LMI and control system with the new generation of LMI and control system.

Besides new and reconditioned PDC parts, we can offer a complete retrofit for your LMI and control system.
The LMI and control system, qSCALE, is applicable to the telescopic boom crane, lattice boom crane, all- terrain crane, and other types of cranes.