WIKA Mobile Control, the brand behind the technology you know and trust.

For more than 50 years now, this technology has been being helping cranes around the globe lifting loads in a safe manner.
The technology on your machines has been going around under multiple names. PAT began with the first AS 310 overload protection system back in 1970. Over the years the technology has been thoroughly improved and adjusted. But not only the technology has seen changes, the brand itself has been through quite a lot as well.

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The PAT brand acquired the Krüger brand, expanding their technological knowledge and improving the quality of their products. Later on, the PAT brand got acquired by Hirschmann and after that the Belden Inc. took over. Up until 2018, where WIKA Mobile Control came into the picture. In 2018 WIKA Mobile Control took over the brand.

Operating under this new name, your trusted technology is still keeping your operation safe, but now under the WIKA Mobile Control brand.