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Motion control system

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A motion control system includes the control of the entire crane and it’s essential for crane safety. The electronic control logic of the motion control system checks hoisting load, wind, counterweight, outriggers and if the operator is properly seated with a seat switch.

If your crane’s motion control system experience failures, it is likely that the components for reparation are unavailable or very costly. Parts Supply provides suitable solutions and offer motion control systems that are assembled with the use of high-quality components from original equipment manufacturers.

By repairing or upgrading your motion control systems, Parts Supply can give your crane a second life.

Load cell

New motion control systems

Parts Supply develops motion control systems with the latest technologies that are suitable for your crane. These motion control systems all have a user-friendly interface with a touchscreen display and a clear visual system overview.

New motion control systems from Parts Supply are ready for retrofitting. Our engineer will install the motion control system in your crane, on-site.

Repair motion control systems with upgraded or reused components

Our engineers also repair motion control systems by replacing the components that are causing failures. The replacement parts that are being used are often reused or refurbished motion control components. These refurbished components are all still very high quality.
Before the motion control system is returned it is tested extensively in our specialized simulator.

complete motion control systemContact Parts Supply for your new or used motion control system

We can offer you a lot of possibilities when it comes to new, used or repaired motion control systems. Contact our multilingual helpdesk for advice on the best solution for your crane. They are available to help you 24/7 and happy to advice you.

Parts Supply also offers:

  • Crane inspections
  • On-site crane repairs
  • Off-site crane repairs
  • Crane purchase inspections

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