LMI systems

safe load indicator systems

The LMI-system (Load Moment Indicator) is an important part of the crane. It measures the loading moment and prevents overloading. The LMI-system protects the crane, crane operator and bystanders against unsafe situations.

Parts Supply is specialized in developing, installing and upgrading LMI-systems for any type of crane. In addition, we can provide a complete replacement of the system or replacement for one or more components. We also program and calibrate the LMI systems.

testing a sli systemA fully customizable LMI system

In our workshop in The Netherlands, we develop fully customizable LMI-systems and motion control systems. We design the LMI according to the system control logic of your specific crane. Before delivery and installation, the system is tested on our specialized simulator.

The advantage of a customized LMI-system is that there is no need for calibration, programming or extensive testing once the system has been installed in the crane. The system is ready to use, which will save you a lot of time and money.

Complete safe load indicators systemReplacing an outdated LMI system

When the LMI-system of a crane is outdated, it can be very expensive to replace it. Parts Supply can replace an outdated LMI for a new one or restore the current LMI-system with separate components, for a much lower price.

Besides repair of your LMI-system, Parts Supply also has a large stock of high-quality new, used and reconditioned LMI components; we can always deliver the most cost-efficient solution for your crane.

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Do you have a crane with an outdated or malfunctioning LMI system, or a LMI system that needs to be upgraded? Contact our multilingual helpdesk for the best solution. They are available to help you 24/7.

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