Electrical systems

Electrical systems are the most fragile parts of mobile cranes. These usually have a much shorter technical lifespan than the mechanical systems of the crane. In some instances, system failure might already occur after 10 years of operation. Electrical system failure is usually due to mechanical influences such as:

- Vibrations. Mechanical shocks during operation and movement. This causes connections to fail, especially in combination with     environmental influences, as well as fatigue in the components and wiring.

- Temperature fluctuations. Especially in areas with high temperatures during the day and low temperatures during the night.

- Mechanical influences, such as humidity and sand. This causes the electrical systems to oxidise or insulation to crumble.

- Human errors, such as replacing fuses with a higher amperage. This causes the electrical systems to overload.

These mechanical influences result in damage or complete failure of components. This can cause signal misinterpretation or even system failure, usually happening during operations and thus at the costliest moments.

In time, also peripheral systems, such as wiring, sensors and relays, will suffer from fatigue. Especially temperature fluctuations and humidity have severe adverse effects on these components. These mechanical influences cause wire insulation to crumble and short circuiting of systems, as well as copper oxidation, which can even result in wire breakage. Copper oxidation affects wire resistance, which causes sensor data misinterpretation, thus effecting reliability and safe operations of the crane.

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Electronic systems repair:

We have been working on a lot of different systems over the years. From full PDC systems and complete console reconditioning to single card repairs. To date, complete system repairs have been performed on AC100, AC120, AC350, AC500, AC650, AC700, CC2800 and CC2500 crane systems.

Repairing a damaged PDC-card or exchanging it for a new one is significantly cheaper than buying a new system, and it also saves time. If possible, we repair the PDC cards. If it is not possible to repair the cards, we replace them with refurbished ones – only if they are available - or brand-new ones. From our experience, we can conclude that the failure of one PDC card will usually lead to the failure of more cards.

However, it is getting harder for OEMs to give product support for their older technology. This is due to the technological lifecycle being so short. Sooner or later, PDC will be an outdated technology, meaning that no new cards will be available. This is a risk if your fleet is reliant on your trusted PDC technology.

As an official WIKA Mobile Control service partner, we can assist you with all PDC related problems or inquiries. To see how we do this, click here.


Electronic systems upgrade:

If your PDC-ECIS system is malfunctioning, showing fatigue, or is beyond its economic repair, it is time to replace it with a state-of-the-art system from WIKA, the world’s leading crane electronic systems supplier. We provide several options, depending on the condition of your electronic system.

The basic system replacement

The basic PDC-ECIS system replacement consists of both the complete PDC-ECIS rack and the cabin operating system. If you are using the existing peripheral electronics, for example the sensors, also both the in- and output systems between de existing connectors and the new control unit must be installed.

However, the peripheral systems often also show signs of fatigue. To ensure the continuity of your operations, replacing these systems might also be necessary. For details on this, please read the full system replacement.

Full system replacement

To ensure and guarantee optimal and long-term usage of the electronic systems, the best solution is to replace not only the heart of the system, but also all peripheral sensors and relays. This can be done in combination with a thorough mechanical refurbishment in our own workshop. The result? Your crane will be as new, with the newest WIKA technology and an expended lifespan of a decade!

Moreover, modern safety features can be added to the electronic systems for both types of replacement. Adding this will make your mobile crane adhere to the latest safety regulations.


For the optimal electronic system replacement, we program and test all electronic systems in our own workshop in Vianen, The Netherlands. For smaller upgrades, replacement can be done on-site at your location, by using our portable workshop.

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