Upgrades & innovation for crane systems

The world is changing, and changes happen faster and faster. This is especially true for the electronical systems, and the emission and safety regulations. Upgrading your equipment will significantly extend the lifespan and reduce possible downtime, as well as increase the productivity, provide a safer work environment, meet regulatory requirements, and save money in the long run! Equipment always breaks down at the most inconvenient and costly moments. By upgrading your equipment, the fear of these moments will not be a concern any longer. Parts Supply Worldwide can solve all your problems regarding upgrading and innovating your equipment.

Electrical systems:

The lifespan of the crane’s electrical systems is much shorter than the lifespan of the crane’s mechanical systems. Moreover, when one part of the crane’s electrical systems breaks down, usually more failures will follow.

If your crane’s electrical system has broken down, Parts Supply Worldwide can help you by repairing or replacing the existing electrical part, or upgrade the whole electrical system, rack and auxiliary system, to a completely new one. Upgrading the electrical system can include the newest safety features, so it will comply to the latest regulatory requirements.

As WIKA-partner, we are specialised in WIKA electrical systems. In our state-of-the-art test center we can repair, replace, or upgrade all Hirschman and PAT electrical systems. More information on our WIKA-partnership can be found here!


Mechanical systems:

If your crane’s mechanical system has broken down, Parts Supply Worldwide can help you by repairing the existing mechanical system in our modern workshop, or replacing the existing mechanical system by a new, used, or reconditioned one. For example, we repair faulty engines, but we also upgrade older crane engines which comply to the stricter engine pollution regulations. The engines used for the upgrades include both new and refurbished models, in order to increase your crane's reliability and adherence to stricter emission regulations.