The importance of upgrading your crane and loadcells

Lifting cranes play an important role in numerous industries, ranging from construction to shipping and offshore. It is crucial that these cranes are operated safely. Here, the function of load cells, among others, is indispensable. The load cell is a component of the crane that measures the load the crane is carrying. Did you already know that our technician upgraded a fully refurbished TC2800 crane?

This TC2800 was completely destroyed and needed to be renovated. First, the machine's system was completely renovated. In it, a new PDC system was installed, which, among other things, makes the crane fully remote-controllable and the cabin completely touchscreen equipped.

With a new system comes, of course, new parts. To ensure the safety of the crane and its surroundings, the old load cells of this TC2800 have been upgraded from mV (Millivolt) to mA (Milliampere). Want to know more about what this means? Then read on quickly!

Load cells come in different gradations:

- Millivolt (mV);

- Miliampere (mA);

- Cambus.

Older faucets, with an older system, may only have load cells that measure with the unit mV. If it is a newer crane (or, as our technician have done, an upgraded system), the crane should possess a mA loadcell.

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