Providing suitable parts for the mining industry in Central Africa

The heavy cranes employed in mining are the generally very tough. These machines that carry the heaviest and most dangerous masses and loads are designed to resist brutal conditions.

Delivering crane parts for the mining industry

Some time ago the owner of a copper mine in Central Africa contacted our website. He made a request for several parts for cranes in the mining industry. With our knowledge as a worldwide solution provider in cranes and heavy-duty equipment we managed to get the requested parts and delivered them to the location in Central Africa as soon as possible.

Working in a flooded mine

However, immediately after the requested crane parts had been delivered, our client came with another more unusual request. His mining operation was in serious trouble due to heavy rainfall and flooding of the mine. It was impossible for them to find the required pumps in their own region and out of sheer necessity they asked Parts Supply if we had specialized pumps that could drain the water from their mine.

All-round solution provider

As an all-round crane specialist, we didn’t have water pumps in stock, but we did want to help our desperate client. We decided to do a bit of research and asked some of our contacts. Eventually we found a specialist in pumps and water engineering in The Netherlands. Together with this specialist we found a solution for the flooded mine and were able to help a client who didn’t know where else to go.

Mining Equipment Parts Supplier

Safe to say the owner of the Coppermine in Central Africa was trilled we found a solution for him. As a solution provider we take pride in helping to find solutions, even if it is for these kinds of unusual problem. We also got the opportunity to deliver parts for cranes used in the mining industry. Since then we have been able to find and deliver several other parts for mining equipment.