Reviving an LHM 150 Crane Engine Room

At Parts Supply Worldwide, we stand as a beacon of solutions, exemplified by recent case of an LHM 150 crane's engine room.

The origin of the challenge

The fire started with a short circuit in the engine's wiring. A short circuit developed, causing over speed in the engine and eventually a con rod broke through the engine block. Which resulted in the machine room and the engine getting damaged by a fire caused by a short circuit, the fire was extinguished quickly but eventually caused a lot of damage. Despite this setback, our experts were called to find a solution.

Our commitment to your solution

At Parts Supply Worldwide, customer challenges fuel our commitment to innovation. In this particular case, we will start on a comprehensive approach by extracting the entire powerback from the crane. Our expert team meticulously will be testing and resealed the pumps, and the reconditioned generator underwent a thorough examination and revitalization. to achieve this, the crane's entire side will be dismantled, revealing the heart of the operation.

On-site crane inspection

Our strategy was an on-site crane inspection, a testament to our dedication to tailored solutions. Our experts delved deep into the intricacies of the machinery, ensuring that every component was evaluated with precision.

This case shows Parts Supply Worldwide advantage- a commitment to excellence, innovative solutions, and a partnership that goes beyond merely providing parts. Choose Parts Supply Worldwide for a trans formative approach to crane maintenance and witness your fleet rise above challenges.

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