Resolving a PDC CPU issue with one quick video call

A PDC CPU card is a vital component of a modern crane. This piece of technology allows the crane to operate properly. PDC and CPU troubleshooting is a challenging field and requires a good dose of technical knowledge. Read how Parts Supply Worldwide helped a customer from Chile solve his issues with a PDC CPU card in a speedy and thorough fashion.


An existing customer of Parts Supply Worldwide based in the South American country of Chile reported issues with one of their cranes. The crane showed an error and was not operating correctly anymore because the PDC CPU card stopped working. This problem directly affected the operations of the company in question.

Speedy troubleshooting

In order to get the crane going again, we ordered a new PDC CPU card and sent it to the customer. But that was just the first step in the troubleshooting process. To activate the card, you must enter a specific six-digit code. Every type of crane has its own unique serial number, code and corresponding configuration and configuration handbook.

A video-calling session with our chief mechanic allowed us to assist the customer with the activation process in a speedy fashion. It took only twenty minutes to provide the customer with the right instructions, complete the process and get the crane fully operational again. Harnessing the power and convenience of a modern long-distance communication solution meant we didn’t have to send a specialist or team all the way to Chile and were able to solve the customer’s problem in a heartbeat. The customer was satisfied with the quick resolution of the issue and subsequently decided to make use of our products and services on a regular basis.   

All-round crane expert

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