Liebherr LG1550

The LG 1550 is an 8 axel all terrain mobile crane with lattice boom and an environmentally friendly alternative for crawler cranes. The machine is capable of servicing turbines to 100m hub height without utilizing a derrick or luffing jib. With a luffing jib the LG 1550 can service turbines up to 120m (maximum boom/jib length of 77 + 84) a max hoist height of ca. 150 meters, and a max capacity of 550 ton. The LG 1550 has two engines, a water cooled Liebherr turbo charged 8-cylinder D9408 TI-E A5 diesel engine with 598 hp (440 kW) driving the undercarriage and a water cooled Liebherr turbo charged 6-cylinder D9406 TI-E diesel engine with 408 hp (300 kW) for the crane.


Parts Supply Worldwide is a full-service provider to help you keep your crane running for a long time. We are specialised in repairing, upgrading and providing parts for your crane, especially if it is 8 years and older.

What we can mean to your company:

Upgrades and innovation in electrical systems

Electrical systems in older cranes tend to get less reliable over time. The economic and technical life span of these systems are much shorter than the life span of the mechanical and hydraulic systems. The crane might still be in good condition, but still experiences failure in the electronic systems. This can have severe causequences, such as costly downtime, and is usually a sign that the electronic systems are nearing the end of its life span. This can cause the crane to be written off completely, while the electronic systems can easily be repaired or upgraded. Upgrading your electronic systems will lead to a longer total life span of the crane, and prevent costly downtime.

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Crane service and repair

Accidents happen and cranes break down. We are specialised in maintaning and repairing all types of LIEBHERR mobile cranes of 8 years and older. From simple maintenance to complete refurbishing and even upgrading. Our highly skilled engineers can do this in our new workshop (off-site), or at your location (on-site) at any time. For our on-site services, we can use our specially designed mobile facilities to solve your problem at your location.

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Crane parts & accessories

Due to our close-knit supply chain, we are able to supply you with a cost-effective and efficient solution for any of your crane parts & accessories. Our options include new parts, reconditioned parts or used parts. For certain parts, you can exchange your damaged parts for new or reconditioned parts for a nice discount. 

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