Liebherr HS895HD

Discover the unparalleled efficiency and dependability of Liebherr HS series cranes. Crafted for exceptional performance, these robust crawler cranes excel across various applications. Whether it's the Liebherr HS835HD, HS855HD, or any other model, each crane showcases impressive lifting capacities and cutting-edge technology. Liebherr HS cranes redefine precision and power in the construction industry. Uncover the versatility and innovation that position Liebherr HS cranes, such as the HS895HD, as the ultimate choice for your lifting requirements.


Liebherr HS855HD


The Liebherr HS895HD crane is a symbol of unparalleled lifting capabilities. Its operating weight, covering the basic machine with an HD undercarriage, features 2 main winches boasting an impressive 350 kN capacity, equipped with 150 m wire ropes. The 20 m main boom, including an A-frame, 7 m boom foot, 7 m boom head, and a 6 m boom section, ensures precision in heavy-duty tasks. With a substantial 55.1 t basic counterweight, 110 mm track pads, and a 60 t hook block, this crane is powered by a MAN D 2842 LE engine, with a total weight of approximately 172.2 t.

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