Liebherr HS885HD

Explore the unmatched efficiency and reliability of Liebherr HS series cranes. Engineered for superior performance, these heavy-duty crawler cranes excel in diverse applications. Whether it's the Liebherr HS835HD, HS855HD, or another model, each crane boasts impressive lifting capacities and advanced technology. Liebherr HS cranes redefine precision and power in the construction industry. Discover the versatility and innovation that make Liebherr HS cranes, like the HS885HD, the top choice for your lifting needs.


Liebherr HS885HD


The Liebherr HS885HD crane, a powerhouse in heavy-duty lifting, boasts remarkable specifications. The operating weight comprises the basic machine with an HD undercarriage, 2 main winches with a robust 300 kN capacity featuring speed change gear, and an 11 m boom. The boom, consisting of an A-frame, 4 m boom foot, 6.4 m boom head section, and 0.6 m boom head, is complemented by a substantial 24.1 t basic counterweight and an additional 8.4 t counterweight. Powered by a Liebherr D 9508 A7 engine, the total weight of this crane is approximately 113.5 t.

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