Liebherr counterweights

When your Liebherr counterweights are damaged, or you want to expand the counterweight of your Liebherr crawler crane, we can help you.

Parts Supply Worldwide can provide you with new, used, and reconditioned counterweights for Liebherr crawler cranes putting forward exceptional delivery times, quality, and prices.

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We can provide you with counterweight for all your Liebherr crawler cranes.

  • Liebherr LR1100 counterweight
  • Liebherr LR1280 counterweight
  • Liebherr LR1600 counterweight
  • Liebherr LR1130 counterweight
  • Liebherr LR1300 counterweight
  • Liebherr LR1650 counterweight
  • Liebherr LR1160 counterweight
  • Liebherr LR1350 counterweight
  • Liebherr LR1750 counterweight
  • Liebherr LR1200 counterweight
  • Liebherr LR1400 counterweight
  • Liebherr LR1800 counterweight
  • Liebherr LR1250 counterweight
  • Liebherr LR1550 counterweight

We offer custom counterweights ranging from 7.5, 10 and 15 tonnes. Get your quote now!


What are counterweights?

Counterweights are used in crawler cranes and mobile cranes to counterbalance the weight that resides under the hook and prevents the machine from toppling over.