Whether positioning bridge girders or constructing tall buildings, smooth and speedy operation is the most important performance. KOBELCO-CKE850-3 crawler crane is designed with the latest job trends in construction environment. With its excellent operability, sensitive controls, and most important, its safety features, the CKE850-3 achieves the best balance in its overall performance. In regular or tower crane operations for building construction, as well as civil engineering jobs such as clamshell, there's more than enough capacity. The Difference is in its basic performance. The CKE850-3 from KOBELCO.



The Kobelco-CKE850-3 has a Hino J08E-TM 6 cylinder diesel engine with a power of 157 kW. The maximum lift capacity for the Kobelco-CKE850-3 is 85 US tons, a maximum boom length of 60.96 meters and a maximum boom + jib length of 54.86 + 18.28 meters. This crane uses a counterweight of 24.900 tons which is mounted behind the machinery compartment.

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