Hitachi Construction Machinery's full-scale production of construction machinery began with the excavator "U05," which was developed in 1949 at the Kameari Works of Hitachi, Ltd., the predecessor of us. In 1960 they have developed the universal excavator “U06”, and since then we have cultivated technology to make the work performed by people more comfortable, advanced, and efficient. In recent years, they have been working on autonomous operation and electrification, and providing solutions that contribute to customer safety, improved productivity, and reduced life cycle costs.



The Hitachi-CX1100 has a Isuzu 6RBIT diesel engine with a power of 221 kW. The maximum lifting capacity for the Hitachi-CX1100 is 110 tons at 5 meters, a maximum boom length of 73 meters and a maximum boom with jib length of 61 + 22.5 meters. This crane uses a counterweight of 39.2 tons which is mounted behind the machinery compartment.

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