Our exchange service

  • We often hear about operations being brought to a halt because of one crane not operating. Cranes often play a vital role in an operation. Unfortunately, they can be rendered unusable when an important part breaks. Your whole schedule, budget, and deadlines are unreachable because of this downtime. Luckily, we came up with a service to decrease downtime.

  • Many of our clients rely on older cranes. While these cranes are mechanically perfect, their systems can fail. And it is only a matter of time before OEM’s stop producing new components for these older systems. That is why it is important to keep repairing and re-using components. We offer these services to prolong the lifecycle of these cards.

  • As with all projects, costs need to be kept down. We came up with a service that takes back your old components. We can give you a discount based on your used component.

    I am talking about our Exchange service.
    We can provide you a component, whether you need a factory new, reconditioned or used one, and we take back your old component. All parts are tested and certified, if applicable.