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With years of experience working in and around cranes we know how important safety and visibility is. Therefore, we offer you the PACHOM accident prevention systems, to focus on safety hot spots and optimize safety and efficiency on your construction site.

Truck with Pachom safety system

Patented accident prevention system

The PACHOM accident prevention system is a patented system that’s designed to alert both the workers, drivers and operators. It distinguishes itself by being a solution system that can reliably detect dangerous situations. While allowing people and equipment to work safer in close proximity without excessive interruptions.

The patented PACHOM accident prevention system consisting out of detection device (UBEP), alert bracelet (UPI) and a quad view monitor, which is easy to install and low maintenance.

PACHOM bracelet and illustration

Optimizing safety and visibility

The PACHOM® Electronic Zoning protection unit (UBEP) is at the heart of the PACHOM system. It is the main device used on machinery that includes methods of detection. It focusses on safety “hot spots” optimizing safety and visibility with precision using PACHOM’s own RF high technology method.

UBEP device comes in two power source configurations (with and without the battery). In case of the version without the battery, the device must be powered with external power supply. With a battery, UBEP can work autonomously but without alarm output which requires the external voltage to be supplied. Multiple UBEP’s can be connected to a single quad view monitoring in the operator’s cabin.The UBEP is a patented device used for the PACHOM® collision prevention system. The purpose of UBEP unit is to create the protection zone in specific areas optimizing safety and visibility around trucks and machinery (front, rear, sides, etc.) defining the area very precisely.

PACHOM detection zone dumptruck

The UPI warning and alert system

UBEP can be used as a system together with “Individual PACHOM Units” (UPI) a warning system to alert both pedestrians and operators that they are located within the protection zone.

UPI is used for detection of protection zones created by UBEP unit. These individual unit comes in the form of a bracelet and is intended to be worn by pedestrian workers on construction sites.

The UPI bracelet is a warning and alert system for workers, and the core of the PACHOM system. The UPI bracelet has built-in intelligence allowing it to recognize the active zone.

It offers the best method for alerting workers or warning them for immediate attention by means of vibration felt on the skin. It is designed not to be annoying to workers and quite comfortable. The UPI is designed to function in harsh environment and is water proof with wireless charging.

PACHOM detection zone dump truck

UBEP detection field

The UBEP is configured to limit its sensitivity to a specific protection zone or detection field. This field is high risk of collision with low risk of false alarm.

The PACHOM Accident Prevention System is designed to alert both the worker(s) and the driver/operators of machinery when entering the UBEP detection field. The UPI safety bracelet of the worker will signal the alert with strong pulsating vibrations. The UBEP is also equipped with pyro-electric sensors to detect people not wearing bracelets. The LCD monitor in the driver’s cabin gives a view of the danger zone and alerts the driver. A single monitor can hold up to 4 UBEP units.

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