LMI and safety

Throughout the years, wear can cause failures and defects of a crane. Deteriorated wiring, outdated sensors and malfunctioning components can cause failures and jeopardize crane safety.  With Parts Supply as your worldwide solution provider, costly failures and breakdowns are no longer needed.

Parts Supply is specialized in crane safety solutions for any type of crane. We can provide complete motion control and Safe Load Indicator systems including online LMI training. Furthermore, we can update your cranes with the latest safety systems such as camera’s and accident prevention systems. Contact our helpdesk for advice on crane safety and we will provide the best solutions for you.

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Whether you wish to purchase new or used crane products and crane components, we can assist you further. If required, we also offer crane repair services. Our stock is vast and we can supply most crane parts directly from our warehouse. We work together and communicate closely with major OEMs and sub-manufacturers.