Crane purchase inspection

safety inspector on crane worksite

Without doubt, buying a used crane will require some sort of repair or reconditioning. However, these cranes can make exceptional deals and can be brought back into blooming condition. In case your company is considering the purchase of an used crane, Parts Supply can perform a detailed technical purchase inspection of the crane in question.Mobile crane park

Assessment of the state of the crane(s)

Our service engineers act as an independent certified crane inspector and assess the crane and reports which repairs and maintenance are necessary. They will also include an overview of the costs that are needed to make the crane reliable.

Hiring a service engineer before buying a crane can save you time, money, and prevent a costly mistake by avoiding a major repair down the road.

Having a comprehensive inspection will help you to make an informed decision and allow you to consider all your options including the cost of replacement.

What do you get from a crane inspection?

The pre-purchase crane inspection consists of the following elements:slewing ring crane

  • A thoroughly prepared inspection report;
  • With a photo collection of the crane and any damages or defects;
  • Full machine inspection for damages;
  • The crane's technical condition will be assessed and described in the inspection report;
  • If the crane is in working condition, the service engineer will take it for a test-drive to check working behavior.

The honest and thorough assessment of the machine’s condition greatly improves your bargaining position if you decide to purchase.

Proposal for the required repair

When one or more components of the crane need to be repaired, a proposal for the required repairs is added. Parts Supply can supply both on-site repairs and off-site repairs. It depends on the nature of the repair whether it is more convenient to conduct the repairs on-site or in our workshop located in The Netherlands.

Contact Parts Supply for a pre-purchase crane inspection

Whether you need a pre-purchase crane inspection for one crane or for several cranes, Parts Supply can help quickly and efficiently. Our multilingual helpdesk is available 24/7 and is happy to advise you.

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