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When you’re a crane owner you know that the crane can experience malfunctions or even breakdown. If this is the case, you can contact Parts Supply for a thorough crane inspection to prevent lengthy downtime. 

We have several traveling engineers, who can come to your site for a crane inspection. Whether this site is in Senegal, Russia, Argentina or Vietnam, a qualified and experienced engineer can travel to your construction site and inspect the crane that is malfunctioning.

The result of the crane inspection is a clear and detailed document that contains the following topics:


Assessment of the technical problem(s)

The assessment of the technical problems describes why the crane is not functioning properly. This can, for example, be a worn hydraulic cylinder, malfunctioning sensors or a busted gear box. Our engineer will find the reason why your crane is malfunctioning and will explain how it can be icon

Quotation for the parts that need to be replaced

In case one or more parts of the crane need to be replaced, a quotation will be added to inform about the prices of these parts at Parts Supply. We supply new, used and reconditioned crane parts and we even offer the option to exchange damaged crane parts. Parts Supply is a renowned solution provider when it comes to finding suitable answers to your crane’s problem.

Proposal for the required repair

When one or more components of the crane need to be repaired, a proposal for the required repairs is added. Parts Supply can supply both on-site repairs and off-site repairs. It depends on the nature of the repair whether it is more convenient to conduct the repairs on-site or in our workshop located in The Netherlands.

Proposal for preventative maintenance

If the defective crane has been active for several years, it is advisable to conduct preventative maintenance. This prevents new malfunctions on other parts or components of the crane within the near future. A proposal for this preventative crane maintenance will be added to the assessment.

Contact Parts Supply for a crane inspection

Whether you need a crane inspection for one crane or for several cranes, Parts Supply can help quickly and efficiently. Our multilingual helpdesk is available 24/7 and is happy to advise you.


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