Used crane parts

Used jib

When your crane is in use for several years, parts will have to be replaced to maintain your crane’s safe and proper functioning. Parts Supply Worldwide B.V. has a large stock available of new, reconditioned, and used crane parts. This way we can always offer the most cost-effective solution for your crane.

Slewing ring parts

Our used crane parts are always extensively tested before going on sale. This makes our used crane parts of reliable quality and quickly available. A major advantage, since original equipment manufacturers usually do not have all crane parts in production or available in stock.

Next to a large availability of used crane parts from all major European and Asian manufacturers, Parts Supply also offers:

  • Cost-efficient solutions
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Multilingual helpdesk
  • Overhaul and reconditioning of damaged components
  • Shipment to more than 130 countries


Examples of our regular stock of used crane parts

used crane electronics


Our large availability of used crane parts consists of crane specific items, but also of parts that are needed on a regular basis, such as wear parts. These are some examples of used crane parts that are directly available:

Used wear parts

parts offer a cost-effective solution for your defective components. Contact us for more information on the most effective solution for your crane, we are happy to advice you.Used axle parts, boom sections, hydraulic cylinders, electronics, engines, gear boxes and other used crane components are widely available at Parts Supply. 

Used crane axle

Used key components

Parts Supply carries a large selection of key components such as engines, gear boxes, boom sections and hydraulic cylinders. These components are available in a new, used or reconditioned state. For key components we offer the option to exchange the damaged crane part for a new or reconditioned crane part. This way you can reduce your costs for key components.

Used crane electronics

At Parts Supply we repair, update and install used crane electronics such as Safe Load Indicator systems, motion control systems, load cells and sensors. All our used crane electronics are extensively tested in our test environment to provide you with the safest solution for your crane.

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It isn’t always necessary to spend a lot of money on new crane parts. The use of verified used crane parts can be a better solution for your crane. Have a look at our online database of crane parts or contact our helpdesk for cost-efficient advice.

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Whether you wish to purchase new or used crane products and crane components, we can assist you further. If required, we also offer crane repair services. Our stock is vast and we can supply most crane parts directly from our warehouse. We work together and communicate closely with major OEMs and sub-manufacturers.