Exchange crane parts

winches and ropes on a crane

Parts Supply Worldwide B.V. offers the possibility to exchange crane parts. The option to exchange your damaged crane parts for new or reconditioned crane parts reduces your purchase and is a cost-effective alternative for new parts. Crane parts exchange gives us the opportunity to keep a large stock of used and reconditioned crane parts.Exchanged Transfercase

All our reconditioned crane parts have been cleaned, inspected, reconditioned and tested in our workshop. This way we can guarantee the best quality. Naturally, it is not necessary to send us your used crane parts before your ordered parts have arrived. 

Parts Supply has a large supply of new, used and reconditioned crane parts for all major European and Asian manufacturers. In addition we also offer:

  • Cost-efficient solutions
  • 24/7 availability
  • Multilingual helpdesk
  • Short delivery times
  • Shipment to more than 130 countries


Examples of our stock of reconditioned crane parts

Our large availability of reconditioned crane parts consists out of crane specific components such as: key components, crane electronics, maintenance parts and wear parts.

Reconditioned wear parts

Tires, brakes, slewing rings, hoisting cables and many other reconditioned wear parts are widely available at Parts Supply. We offer new, used and reconditioned exchange wear parts, contact us for advice on the most cost-efficient solution for your crane.

Reconditioned hook blockReconditioned key components

Reconditioned key components such as engines, gear boxes, boom sections and hydraulic cylinders are great crane parts for means of exchange. By exchanging your damaged key component, you can reduce your costs significantly.

Reconditioned crane electronics

At Parts Supply we repair, update and install used crane electronics such as Safe Load Indicator systems, motion control systems, load cells and sensors. All our reconditioned crane electronics are extensively tested in our test environment to provide you with the safest solution for your crane.

Exchange crane parts at Parts Supply

If you are looking for a cost-effective solution, reconditioned crane parts can be an effective alternative. To further reduce your costs, Parts Supply offers the option to exchange damaged crane parts for new or reconditioned crane parts.

Have a look at our online database of crane parts or contact our helpdesk for cost-efficient advice.


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Whether you wish to purchase new or used crane products and crane components, we can assist you further. If required, we also offer crane repair services. Our stock is vast and we can supply most crane parts directly from our warehouse. We work together and communicate closely with major OEMs and sub-manufacturers.