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Welcome to Parts Supply Worldwide, where superior crane performance begins with our high-quality engines. With a wealth of expertise, we proudly offer engines from renowned manufacturers such as Liebherr, Mercedes, and Cummins, showcasing our commitment to excellence. Curious to explore our range of engines? Dive into our parts catalog! Seeking more information? Keep reading below!


Upgrades & Innovation Service & Repair Engine Parts Catalog

Diverse engine options: Liebherr, Mercedes, Cummins

Experience the epitome of power with our comprehensive range of engines. From the reliability of Liebherr to the precision of Mercedes and the robustness of Cummins, we bring you a selection tailored to meet your crane's specific needs.

Expert Engine Revisions and Loadbench Testing

Elevate the lifespan and performance of your engine with our expert revision services. Our in-house team is equipped to comprehensively revise engines, ensuring they meet and exceed original specifications. Every revised engine undergoes rigorous testing on our advanced loadbench, guaranteeing optimal functionality.

Comprehensive Parts Support for Engine Components

Beyond complete engines, Parts Supply Worldwide is your go-to source for individual engine components. Whether you need parts for Liebherr, Mercedes, or Cummins engines, we have you covered, ensuring the longevity and efficiency of your crane's powerhouse.

Inquiries and Quotes

For questions about allocation, reconditioning, or repairs, contact us at [email protected]. We aim to respond promptly. For immediate assistance, call 0031-(0)348 – 46 85 05. Alternatively, use our contact form. If uncertain about the required option, provide details like your crane type and serial number, and we'll guide you further.