The best solutions for any crane

Parts Supply offers the best solutions for any crane

As your all-round solution provider, Parts Supply offers quality crane parts of both original equipment manufacturers and after-market manufactures. By offering a choice in quality, and the option to repair crane parts, we provide the best result for any crane. Whether you have an older crane that will be sold soon, or if you have a crane that you intend to use for a lot more years, Parts Supply can offer the most suitable option.

To give you some insight into what we can do for you, below are some examples of work we have done for our clients.

Advice on crane parts for the Middle East and Northern Africa

A large construction company in the Middle-East had several projects with crawler cranes in the Middle-East and Northern Africa. Since various crawler cranes needed new track shoes, this company called Parts Supply to deliver the required parts.

It is worth mentioning that, since track shoes are large investment, it is always important to consider the age of the crane, the plans for the crane and the local circumstances.

OEM or aftermarket quality track shoes

For our client in the middle east it was clear that, after a consultation with our helpdesk, he wanted to purchase track shoes of OEM quality for the younger cranes. For one older crane it was the best decision to purchase after-market quality track shoes.

Normally it is a more cost-efficient decision to purchase after-market quality parts for an older crane that is mostly stationary. Even though after-market parts are cheaper and not from an original equipment manufacturer, they are brand new and of high quality. At Parts Supply we stand behind aftermarket products, and so they are also delivered with a one-year warranty.

Urgent delivery of crane parts for a KH180 Hitachi from 1998 in the Middle East

A local crane-parts dealer in the Middle East contacted Parts Supply for crane parts for a KH180 Hitachi crane from 1998. These parts were too expensive at the Hitachi dealer and he needed a suitable and fast alternative.

We didn’t have these crane parts in stock, but because of our knowledge of the crane market we were able to locate them. Parts Supply managed to find these particular crane parts for a suitable price. Although the parts had been used, they were still in a good condition.

Used parts as a major advantage

After inspection of the used parts and consulting this with the client, the required parts were delivered within two weeks and our client saved a lot of money.

It is worth mentioning that our used crane parts are always extensively tested before going on sale. This makes our used crane parts of reliable quality and quickly available. A major advantage, since original equipment manufacturers usually do not have all crane parts in production or available in stock.

Repairing and installing crane parts in South America

A client with a gold mine in South America had an older crane with a broken hydraulic swivel. To continue working in the mine he needed his crane up and running as soon as possible, and budget and time were essential. The client made clear to us that OEM was not an option for this company. The new hydraulic swivel would be too expensive for the older crane and they couldn’t wait fourteen weeks for it to be delivered.

Off-site repairs in the Netherlands

Based on the pictures of the broken hydraulic swivel, Parts Supply decided it was best to repair this swivel in our off-site location in The Netherlands. In our workshop in The Netherlands we can recondition and upgrade almost all crane components.

For this client we also handled all logistics to get the hydraulic swivel in our workshop. We repaired the component in the Netherlands and after repairing our engineers traveled to South America to install the swivel on-site. This was all done within a few weeks.

To get the crane back to optimal working condition, our engineer also replaced the gear box of the crane and provided a training in maintenance for local operators and mechanics.

Parts Supply: the best solutions for any crane

As an all-round crane specialist, we provide the best solutions for any crane. Are you in need of advice on your crane? Our multilingual helpdesk is available to help you 24/7. You can contact us through phone +31 (0) 348 468 505, e-mail [email protected] and website