Parts Supply: LMI and motion control specialist

A good working Load Moment Indicator (LMI) and motion control system are essential parts of your crane. These components do not only ensure a safe working environment, they’re also the main part of the operating system of your crane. In case one or both components are malfunctioning or need replacing, only an experienced LMI and motion control specialist like Parts Supply can provide a suitable solution for your crane.

Upgrading and replacing LMI and motion control for a client in the Middle East

A client from the Middle East reached out to us with the question if we could repair the severely outdated LMI and motion control system of his crane. The components of his motion control system were so worn down, that the crane couldn’t be used anymore.

To assess the problem an engineer from Parts Supply traveled to the Middle East to gather all necessary information of the outdated LMI and motion control.
Once back in the Netherlands we went to work to develop an LMI and motion control system that can be used on the crane.

Rebuilding of the motion control system's software

After a complete inventory of all the control logic, a completely new program was written. The display, dashboard, PLC, sensors and wiring was replaced by the latest generation hardware. By reading out the old system and rebuild the software program we were able to upgrade his motion control system. After rebuilding the system, we tested the new system in our off-site simulator. When all simulator tests came back positive our engineers went back to the Middle East to install, calibrate and test the LMI and motion control in the crane.

Upgrading, replacement or a new motion control system

When you have an outdated or malfunction Load moment indicator system or motion control system, we offer many different solutions to your problem. Upgrading and replacement of the system was, in the case of our customer's crane, much more cost-effective than ordering a new LMI and motion control system from an OEM.

Following this successful project, Parts Supply has developed an LMI and motion control system that can be used for any type of crane that is older than seven years.

Do you need an LMI and motion control specialist?

As an LMI and motion control specialist, Parts Supply can help you quickly and efficiently with any request or issue. Our multilingual helpdesk is available to help you 24/7.