At Parts Supply Worldwide, we deliver a big variety of solutions for you're problems take this case for example.

The reason for replacing the slewing ring

We were asked by a customer from England if we could replace their slewing ring for the LTM 1800 this slewing ring we could get quickly and we agreed right away with the customer that we could mount it here. The slewing ring had to be replaced because over the years abrasion was occurring and to prevent downtime they decided to replace it.

The process

After the customer transported the crane from England to the Netherlands, we could start disassembling the slewing ring. After we disconnected the upper crane from the undercarriage we could reach the slewing ring and start disassembling it. Then we inspected and immediately cleaned the bolts of the slewing ring and could start assembling the new slewing ring. After we mounted the slewing ring back on, the overhead crane could be put back on and the LTM 1800 could return to England.

Empowering Crane Owners with Swift Solutions.

At Parts Supply Worldwide we take pride in being at the forefront of technological innovation, providing our customers with not just replacemnt parts, but tailor made solutions that minimize downtime and maximize efficiency. Choose us for your crane part needs, and experience the future of crane repairs-where precision meets speed, and innovation meets reliability.

All of this happened only in a timespan of 3 weeks because our team of experts worked so hard on it. Choose Parts Supply Worldwide for crane maintenance and witness your fleet rise above challenges.

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