Tips for Hydraulic Cylinder Maintenance

Your crane will endure a lot during each project. The all-round conditions, lifting load and amount of maintenance the crane receives will influence the wear on your crane. To give you a head start on we have put together a few tips to ensure optimal performance of your hydraulic cylinders.

The hydraulic cylinders should be maintained regularly throughout the year. Incorporate these tips and it will reduce the wear and get you the most out of your cylinders.

Inspect for uneven wear

If you find uneven wear on the rod of your cylinder it can be due to misalignment. When there’s a load on one side constantly, this can accelerate the wearing of the seals, bearing and the rod. When confronted with this problem it is possible to polish or re-chrome a rod that’s been damaged.

Check for corrosion

Corrosion and pitting corrosion indicate that there is too much moisture in the fluid or ambient moisture. This can speed up wear on seals. When checking for corrosion also check for any dirt or foreign materials in the hydraulic fluid.

Check the lube oil system

If you have hydraulic cylinders you need a form of lubrication. When you’re doing a maintenance check firstly, check whether there’s enough oil in the reservoir. A full reservoir of oil doesn’t guarantee that the system is working due to a clog or a lubricator to fix.

Hydraulic failures can be caused by dirty oil. When your oil is filtered the dirt particles inside the oil can build up inside the cylinder, causing your cylinder to malfunction.

Filter maintenance

Make sure you regularly change your filters, check your filters for clogs and when necessary de-clog or replace them. This way you prevent unfiltered oil entering your hydraulic system.

Revision and repair of hydraulics

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