What is boom deflection

What is boom deflection

A mobile crane with boom can lift loads that for human labor is impossible to do. To move such heavy loads, the crane’s long-reaching arm needs to be strong enough to handle it.

In addition to being strong and durable, the boom of your crane needs to have a bit of flexibility. This will allow it to flex with the weight of the load.

Lifting with boom deflection

The flexing of the boom also known as boom deflection happens to all cranes, both hydraulic and lattice boom, although deflection will vary amongst crane brands and models.

Even though it’s a normal result of lifting, there still must be safety precautions and awareness because deflection can be a problem as it changes the radius of the crane.

When lifting with deflection the cranes tower will start to lean towards the object being lifted. Due to deflection the hook block will be further out than the load even when you hook up the load with the hook positioned above the load. This causes the load to swing and potentially damaging objects and structures near or even causing injury.

Avoid crane accidents

Always check the crane’s load capacity before the lift and ensure that the riggers know to stay out of the way of the swing during the operation. The crane operator can then release the load by lowering the boom/jib slightly to compensate for any boom deflection.

The boom will spring up when the load is released as the deflection releases from the boom. Make sure there is a safe distance from any obstructions before releasing the load. Upward movement of the boom can be minimized by gently lowering the load to the ground and then lowering the boom to compensate for the upward movement.

Crane boom repair

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Technical advice and support

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