Prevent downtime on time

Prevent downtime on time

Your crane will endure a lot during each project. The all-round conditions, lifting load and the amount of maintenance the crane receives will influence the wear on your crane. To reduce the risk of unforeseen downtime we have a few tips for easy maintenance of easy to prevent problems.

First, get organized

Keeping track of the maintenance work that is done on your crane is a great way to determine if it’s time for a big check-up. Besides maintenance work also record problems clearly in the maintenance logbook. This makes it easier to find the error when your crane stops working. When doing maintenance follow the company requirements and the manufacturer's manuals.

Crane structure and accessories

Every time you use a crane visually examine the crane structure for deformations, cracks or corrosion in the structure and boom. When doing this also check for loose bolts or rivets and ensure all mechanical components of the crane is in good working order.


Wire rope cable maintenance

When badly maintained your ropes become brittle and dry and need to be replaced. To prevent your ropes from breaking, it is important that they are well maintained. There are a few easy signals you should look out for or do to maintain and extend the life of your wire rope.

  • Wind and un-wind the wire rope in correct way to prevent kink of the rope.
  • Re-lubricate rope to prevent corrosion, wear, friction, and drying out of the core.
  • Before greasing the rope, clean it with a cloth to remove duct and foreign matter.
  • Inspect sheaves, sockets, dead-ends, thimble joints, and all wire rope hardware.

Hydraulic system crane maintenance

The hydraulics and electrical machinery are a very important part of crane operation. A small leak in the hydraulic line or problem in the winch motor may stall the complete operation.

  • Check for deterioration or leakage in air or hydraulic systems.
  • Check for safe and effective operation on hoses, pumps and motors.
  • Check levels of fluid.
  • Check air cleaners for replacement or cleaning.

Check the brake parts of your crane

It goes without saying that your crane’s brakes are of vital importance to ensure safety up and around your crane. Therefore, having replacement brake-parts on hand is very important. At Parts Supply we have all types of brake parts for your cranes.

  • Check brakes for poor adjustment or excessive wear.
  • Check for deterioration or leakage in oil systems.
  • Check for excessive wear on brake system parts.

Crane bearing replacement

Your crane’s bearings will eventually need replacement. When keeping a strict maintenance program, it becomes easier to determine when it’s almost time for replacement. This way you can order your bearings before the crane breaks down.

Finally, preform the inspection while the engine is off and then again when the engine is on. Engine off checks helps to find any obvious problems and correct them before starting the engine and possibly harming others. Off course there are many more points to pay attention to, but with this we hope to help you on your way. Don't hesitate to call us for advice or to schedule the maintenance of your crane fleet.

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