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What is Berulub PAL 1?

Mobile cranes can be equipped with up to seven telescopic segments that can be extended by up to 100 meters. These segments consist of different grades of steel, welded and primed and must absorb extreme surface pressure when the telescopic segments are extended or retracted. These segments need to be able to move smoothly when being extended of retracted. Correct application of the right lubricant can truly make or break an operation.

Berulub PAL 1 is special developed grease for lubricating boom sections of telescopic mobile cranes. Berulub PAL 1 is recommended by most OEM's (Original Equipment Manufacturer). This telescopic boom grease is designed to work under very high and low temperatures and various conditions such as wet and dry environment. It consists of durable and high-quality materials such as PTFE and Ester oil.

PTFE also known as Teflon ensures sliding and Ester oil ensures adhesion and gives your boom longer life span. This very high composition of the materials ensures best sliding and adhesion you can get for your boom.

Bechem lubrication productsFeatures of Bechem Berelub Lubrication

Berelub lubricants are based on highly viscous, extremely adhesive base oils. These special lubricants contain a high dose of PTFE (Teflon), giving it the desired friction, which ensures sliding and gives a wide temperature range from -40°C till +150°C.

Berelub PAL 1 consist of high-quality synthetic Ester oil. The result of this high-quality Ester oil is high adhesion and gives your boom longer life span. The special anti-stick ingredient prevents slipping but gives the best sliding because of its low friction properties.

Your advantages of Bechem Berelub Lubrication

With the use of Berulub PAL 1 you’ll experience less wear on boom and telescopic system because of the low friction ability of the lubrication. This will on its turn cause less downtime for maintenance and repairs and longer greasing intervals. Berelub PAL 1 will give you a huge cost reduction and it will cut unplanned downtime.

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