Meet the team!

Guido Buijs

"People come to us with large, complex problems from all over the world. It is our job to find the right parts, the right expertise and the right solutions to fix everything. It is one big, strategic puzzle which is very challenging but at the same time very rewarding."

Ad Vos

Financial manager

"What I like about working for a growing company is that it allows me to grow along with it. The challenge to keep all the financial reports and processes under control and, where possible, to improve these reports and processes to make them even more efficient."

Remy de Jong


"These complicated projects can take over a year to complete. Seeing this wreck transform back into a full-functioning masterpiece, knowing I was a part of it all, that is what I love about my job."

Frank van der Moolen
Sales department

"We are fast at finding the needed parts for our customers; we can help them get their crane operating again. Our customers are happy we can quickly provide the solutions that they need, and happy customers is what I am driven by."

Guido Buijs
Sales department

"What drives me is the fun and personal contact with the customers and suppliers. Everyday presents us with new challenges and it’s up to us to figure it out."

Teus van den Dool
Warehouse manager

"What I like about working here is I get to keep everything in check. Making sure every order is complete and ready to ship in time for our customers. My father worked in the crane industry; ever since I was young, I have had an affinity with cranes. I am glad I could follow my father’s footsteps"

Sales department



"I love to solve problems. My main task is to listen closely to the customer's needs, and come up with the best solution. To do this, good contact with our suppliers is very important. The combination of contact with the customer and contact with the supplier is what I love most about my job."

Mariwan Ali

"Working on these projects together is what matters most to me. Even the biggest, most difficult projects become fun and manageable with the right co-workers. "

John Nieuwkerk
Purchasing department

"What I love about my work is how dynamic it is. Everyday is different because I am responsible for a broad variety of tasks. The one moment it is very hands-on, working on orders, the other moment I am behind a computer doing administrative tasks."






Stijn Augustinus

Online Marketeer
"I have always dreamed of working in such an international business. My main task is to focus on the international presence of Parts Supply Worldwide B.V. on the internet."



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