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-- our mission --

Preventing and minimizing the downtime of cranes across the globe.

We strive to help companies get maximum efficiency out of their cranes and crane related operations.
We do this by using our extensive worldwide network of suppliers and dealers, and our vast knowledge built up throughout the years, to swiftly identify the problem and find a solution as quick as possible. We also use our expertise to help improve crane operations and make them safer. By doing this, we help our clients get a more sustainable and safer crane experience and either prevent or minimize downtime.

How we've evolved 

Parts Supply Worldwide B.V., like all great things, was not built in a day; It has been through quite a journey. Want to know how Parts Supply started as a small company and grew out to be a renowned player on the international market? You can read all about it on our company history page.

Have a look at our company history.

How Parts Supply evolved

Our formula

 When Parts Supply was growing and started doing repairs, they noticed a trend.

Doing crane repairs is often paired with the need of parts. Having the know-how and access to virtually all parts, Parts Supply was in a strong position. Investing in mechanics to have the knowledge to do most of the repairs in-house in their workplace. For the repairs they could not perform themselves,
Parts Supply had someone in their network with the expertise. This all meant that Parts Supply was a valuable contact to our customers; we were the middleman that facilitated the expertise to solve the problem.

One address for all their solutions.

What do we offer?

Custom solution
Every customer has different problems and different needs. Some people spare no expenses, others just want a quick and easy fix. We at Parts Supply listen to our customers and come up with the best solution. Whether it is a new part for a new crane or an old recondition part for an older model crane.


Worldwide logisticsWell organized logistics
When we have found a solution together, the next task is getting it to you as soon as possible. 
With our central position, located in the Netherlands, we can swiftly get the solution on its way to help you get back on track.
Every order and every product needs special care; with that in mind we still try to combine orders and shipments to keep costs as low as possible. But if there is an order so urgent, we go out of our way to get the product as soon as possible to the client.
In the past we have sent staff on a plane, with the product in hand, to deliver it to the other side of the world the next day.


Safety adviceSafety Advice
Our experts can help you make your operation safer. Parts Supply works in collaboration with partners specialized in crane safety systems.
We can help you find the right system for you, repair or replace your current system, setup a new system and calibrate a system.


Tech. Innovation

Technical innovation

Technology never stops innovating and neither do we. We have connections worldwide with which we keep up to date on the current state of safety systems, crane technology and new innovations in the crane industry. By staying ahead of the curve, we can provide our customers with the latest and best solutions. 



Happy customers across the globe

Our name might give it away already, but we provide solutions to customers worldwide. We can help customers with all major crane brands. We serve not only the end-user, but also crane-rental companies, repair service providers and various dealers. Our main focus is on mobile and crawler cranes, but our service also includes, but not limited by, heavy duty equipment.

You can come to us for new, used and reconditioned parts, service and maintenance for your crane and heavy duty equipment, and advice on safety and crane safety systems.
Whether you are a small organization with a single mobile crane, or a giant mining corporation with twenty cranes that need repairing, Parts Supply will find a fitting solution for you.

Parts Supply has worked on various impressive project all over the world. Take Egypt for an example, where Parts Supply was called in for our expertise in LMI. The company itself did all the mechanical and hydraulic repairs on a Liebherr 1140, and Pars Supply did the complete retrofitting of the LMI system.
Or a big project in Sierra Leone. Parts Supply had the task to repair and perform the maintenance on a whole fleet of cranes of different brands.

Want to see more about our previous projects? Take a look at our cases.

What we stand for

>   Solving problems; We provide solutions for every problem.
>   Quality: For every possible solution we can provide the proper quality.
>   Thinking along: We not only provide the solution, we also consider and offer the alternatives.
>   Understanding: We know, like no other, that cranes in different life stages require different solutions.
>   Dedication: We say what we do, and we do what we say.
>   Commitment: We, as a team, are very close and committed to our customers.

The team behind Parts Supply

See the faces the people behind the worldwide solution provider! Meet the people and see what motivates them. 

Meet the team.

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